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Foresight Habitat is a Cameroon real estate enterprise driven by a strong belief in building aspirations and fulfilling dreams.

We operate in niche residential segments including luxury villas and apartments
We also acquires plotted lands for the construction of Hotels, Shopping Malls, Business Centers, and Office Buildings
Projects in the pipeline include around 5 000 affordable units, luxury homes, apartments and villas across the country.
Our Goal
To assist Cameroon in solving its critical shortage of affordable housing in urban areas.

Today, an increasing number of professionals and families are coming to live in the vibrant and growing cities of Yaounde, Douala and Kribi, taking advantage of the urban lifestyle, convenience and proximity to jobs and transportation.

Recognized as a leader in providing affordable and luxury urban housing throughout Cameroon, Foresight Habitat is dedicated to developing outstanding and long-lasting partnerships. Our approach to problem solving continues to be successful because we listen to the suggestions of city planners and officials and ultimately recognize that we are all committed to the same goal — serving the local community.

The individuals who live in our apartments and houses are the focal point of all our projects. The design and configuration of these modern projects not only address a need to provide homes to people, but also illustrates ways to meet the energy, air quality, and connectivity goals of the cities in which they live.

We are passionate about affordable and luxury housing development. Our commitment is to improve the local neighborhood experience by capturing the best that exists in each neighborhood socially and architecturally.

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